Not a Happy New Year post

It’s 2009. Having switched on the internet, radio and TV this morning, I’ve been bombarded with people wishing me a happy new year and it’s getting rather dull.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy, I’m just not a huge fan of making a big thing about the calendar clicking over to a new year. I had an enjoyable ‘NYE’ but even that consisted of me simply getting drunk and paying no particular attention to the clock – just another night in, then.

I’ve never been ‘out’ on new year’s eve. I have either worked (do it if you can – you’ll make a shed-load of cash) or have chosen to spend the night in with loved ones, far from the crowds that hit the local town centre. I just simply can’t understand the fascination with going out, on what is essentially a normal night, and spending an inordinate amount of time queuing to get into pubs which, upon paying money to get in (?) you’ll spend the remainder of the night being shouldered about at the bar in a vain attempt to buy your first over-priced drink. You probably won’t get that drink either, as you’ll be distracted by someone you used to go to school with who you’d much rather punch in the face than talk to but will be coerced into doing the latter. Because it’s new year’s eve.

And then I suppose you’ll need to get home which will inevitably involve hailing a taxi. Only ‘hailing’ on new year’s eve actually means standing in a four mile queue in sub zero temperatures for an hour before eventually getting into a taxi that will rid you of your life savings in exchange for a two mile drive.

It’s all over so quickly, too. It’s now the 2nd of January and all the festive merry-making seems so long ago. I had to resist the urge to put my foot through my TV last night when an advert for a Christmas saving company was aired. ‘Start saving now for Christmas 2009’ was the depressing tag line. Surely, amongst all the current financial turmoil, the last thing any of us should be worrying about is next Christmas. Add to that holidays. As is always the case at this time of year, advert breaks are filled with images of sun drenched Spanish beaches and (even more uninviting) Butlins. According to Sky News, we’re all going to lose our jobs next week so I fail to see how any of us can be planning expensive foreign holidays or putting £100 aside each month to pay for Christmas 2009.

Some good news, though – I’m off on a stag do tomorrow in London which should prove far more enjoyable than any forced festive enjoyment.

Happy New Year!


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