It’s Snowing! Quick, Panic!

Snowfall in London. Time to cancel everything, then. Including the Tube (?).


I sincerely hope that none of our friends on the continent have been watching Sky News this morning. If they have caught glimpses of the headlines I’d imagine they’re probably still rolling around on the floor, tears streaming down their face in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

A few inches of the white stuff and this country coughs, puffs and eventually grinds to a halt. It’s embarrassing.

What’s more, all news items seems to be fixated on our glorious capital, the occupants of which have seemingly never witnessed snow before. Inane pictures of people’s temporarily fluffy white cars somehow made the headlines as did the closure of major roads and rail networks.

Even the Tube was closed. I’m sorry? It’s underground. How much snow can fall underground? I really cannot fathom that one.

And why can’t planes take off in the snow? How do they manage in the Antarctic or Iceland?

It worries me all this. What would we do in a real disaster situation? I am genuinely quite frightened at the prospect if we can’t even deal with snowfall.

I live in Northampton which had its fair share over night. It hasn’t affected my day even slightly. I wasn’t late to work, I didn’t miss my dentist appointment and, unlike the Peugeot I saw on the way to the Tooth Fairy, didn’t stack my car into a wall.

If anything, the journey into work this morning was blissful; relatively quiet and punctuated by stunning scenes of snow-covered hills. I just wish I’d remembered my camera.

The last thing we need during a recession is for people to be given yet another excuse not to bother with work. If you have heeded warnings of staying in today, you’ve wasted your time and, more importantly, your contribution towards reviving the economy. Get off your backside, get in your car and make your way to work – your country, as pathetic as it is, needs you.

2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing! Quick, Panic!

  1. I’m from New England. I saw a bunch of headlines about the biggest storm to hit London in 20 years and thought, man, it must have been a few feet at least. Then I read the article and saw it was 6 inches (20 cm).
    Had a good chuckle.

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