Best Player in the World? Really?

‘We’ve seen every side of him today,’ said Gary Lineker of Christiano Ronaldo’s performance against Blackburn yesterday. Indeed we did. More importantly, we saw yet more evidence that he is the most overrated player on this planet.

When will people realise he simply isn’t quite as good as his acolades and awards suggest? Lazy, selfish, petulent and more obsessed with his free kick technique than teamwork, he isn’t a player I’d want in my team.

How many times have we seen him trick himself into no man’s land this season? Eighty-seven step overs later and he’s given the ball away when the simple pass should had been his first thought. This is always followed by inane hand waving and praying to the gods. I despair. Or at least I would if I was a Utd fan. Suffice to say I’m not. At all.

ITV commentators may worship this man but give me a Torres or Gerrard any day. And no, I’m not a Liverpool fan either.

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