iPhone Apps … Just How Useful Are They?

I’ve just had an App cull.  Like many iPhone users out there, my device was clogged up with iRubbish I’d originally downloaded because it looked ‘cool’ or provoked me to comment ‘wow, that could be useful!’.

iLevel, for example.  Here is an App that claims to be a viable replacement for one of workmens’ most essential tools.  It’s not, I’m afraid.  Sure, it may be pretty accurate, but who in their right mind is going to place their shiny iPhone on a grubby work surface you’ve just spent three hours sawing and smashing with a hammer (granted, I’m not much of a DIY’er).

The cull has prompted me to question the relevance of many Apps.  The word ‘fad’ is perfect in this instance.  90% of the Apps I’ve downloaded have been very faddy.  iFart is funny, for about three minutes. iPity will make your mates laugh like girls at random Mr T comments and the old classic, iPint, never fails to impress at social gatherings.

Dont get me wrong, Apple have done a marvelous job with the iPhone 3G and the addition of Apps is at times genuinely rewarding.  ‘My Football’ for example, is a brilliant tool for quickly checking football scores.  The Facebook App is also very good, if a little too addictive.  The problem is, as I scroll through the few that are left, there aren’t any others that jump out at me.  In fact, I could probably have another cull…

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