So, We’re Addicted to Facebook, Say Sky News … I Have to Agree

Facebook logo

Top Modern Addictions:

    1. Coffee

    2. Chocolate

    3. Facebook

    4. Beauty Products

    5. Checking bank statements

    6. Junk Food

    7. Celebrity Gossip and Reality TV

    8. Exercise

    9. Retail Therapy

    10. The Blackberry/I Phone

    Source: Sky News

That’s what the vast majority of Brits are addicted to, according to a recent survey.  Whilst I question the inclusion of ‘Retail Therapy’ and ‘Exercise’, I heartily agree with everything else, particularly Facebook.

I joined Facebook in order to stop my sister telling me to ‘join Facebook!’ every time we met up.  On the whole, it’s been a good experience; I’ve got back in touch with some school friends and regularly have a laugh (or wince) at my mates’ status updates.

There’s a downside to Facebook, though, and that is the insistence of people to post inane comments on their friends status’.  Why do they do this?  I can’t think of a worse waste of anyone’s time than typing ‘Lol, yeah right’ into a comment box.  It is literally pointless.

Something else that cheeses me off are all those people I went to school with who feel obliged to add me as a friend.  I got rid of a load of them recently and it felt great.  I have no inclination to hear thirty-second status updates from someone I once shared eye contact with at school.  Just go away, I don’t care.

What worries me more is my particular addiction to the site.  I rarely visit the actual website itself, I’ll instead (quite regularly) open the iPhone App, read people’s status’s and update mine.  And that’s about it.  Occasionally I’ll add some photos from a recent trip or holiday, but if you ran a report on my Facebook activity it would err somewhat alarmingly to the equally pointless activity of status updating.

I’m not sure why I do it.  Or what I used to do pre-Facebook during the brief minutes it takes to update said status.

Should I be worried?  Is this an issue for the doctor to attend to?  Or are there more of me out there…?

2 thoughts on “So, We’re Addicted to Facebook, Say Sky News … I Have to Agree

  1. facebook is the worst. I deleted my account ten months ago; the first week or two was rough but since then I’ve never looked back.
    so, delete your account. It’s amusing to see who notices.

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