Twittering at Work

I’m still unsure as to what Twitter’s merits are for the average human being. “Mark is making a cup of tea”. I don’t think anyone cares what I’m doing. Even I struggle to care at times.

I do seem to have stumbled across a possible use for the networking site today, however. It appears to be a viable marketing channel, allowing businesses to quickly issue news ‘bites’ relating to new product releases and updates. This could prove perfect for our business which is software development. Rather than relying solely on e-shots and – the highly ineffectual – traditional mail shots, a quick ‘Twitter’ will inform any of our followers that we’ve just released a new version of product X. Think about it, what quicker way is there to release information en-masse? Twitter is growing massively by the day and the traffic it can generate is substantial.

It’s early days, but I’ve set up and account and will be informing customers of its existence soon. What is there to lose? Well, within five minutes of the account open we were being followed by Sarah, a girl seemingly content with brandishing the majority of her chest area to internet users and informing us that she is ‘bored and ready to chat’. I didn’t think she’d be particularly interested in the merits of a property management system, and therefore blocked her.

Someone in the office believes Sarah may simply have been a ‘bot’, a non-human entity terrorising cyberspace, as it were. If this is true, and if Twitter is subject to such pointless entities, it could prove to be one downfall.

Breast-brandishing bots aside, I think this could be an interesting experiment. Any ideas on how to make best use of Twitter at work would gladly be received!

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