Twittering at work update

Well, it’s been a week or so since we opened our work twitter account and we have 8 followers. Admittedly, two of those are employees and another is a partner … but it’s progress, sort of.

The five followers that are genuine customers have all signed up as a result of an e-shot we sent out and, interestingly, seem to have been intrigued enough to sign up to Twitter to view our updates, as none of them appear to have been Twitter members before.

It’s early days, but I’m encouraged by this initial response. With a little more coaxing I’m sure we can get more on board, but the few that are there will at least benefit from the ease with which you can fire updates to Twitter land.

Whether or not it will become a genuine sales channel remains to be seen…

2 thoughts on “Twittering at work update

  1. I think you’re right. If you’re in sales and marketing, like myself, the more routes to customers you can have the better. Even if the number of followers we have stays at that miserly 8, it’s 8 people we can update very quickly.

    I’ll be at a conference at Heathrow this friday and I’m aiming to send tweets from my iPhone relating to the conference’s content. Should be an interesting experiment.

  2. The reason I’m following up on here is because it looks like you’re actually onto something by making your work twitter more of a channel. Channel sounds a lot more appealing than update.

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