Finally, we’re into the 90s

iPhone 3.0 OS
iPhone 3.0 OS

From the whooping and hollering that followed every announcement, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the demonstrations Apple provided of the iPhone’s 3.0 OS were nothing short of revolutionary.

In reality, however, they were shockingly obvious.  Cut, copy and paste, MMS, landscape keyboards, SMS forwarding… any iPhone owner (and I am one of the 17 million on this planet) will know how those common mobile phone features have been ignorantly disregarded by Apple.  But fear no more, they’re coming this summer.  Great, but I simply had to pause the recording of the conference to write on here – how drastically embarrassing for them to have to backtrack and develop for the needs of the greater public.  Even more embarrassing given the ‘well, what’s new?’ nature of the majority of the demonstrated new features.

I have no doubt that the non-inclusion of said features was part of Apple’s nonsensical plan to influence our lifestyle habits.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products but there is a certain amount of pretentiousness in the way the Jobs-led band of designers and programmers dictate the way we must use their devices.  Why MMS when you can email?  Why would you ever need to copy and paste text when our text input system is so clever it’ll take you half the time to retype whatever it was you wanted to quote?

So, what’s next for the iPhone?  They’ve no doubt set themselves back a stage now that they’ve had to spend valuable development time reinventing old, previously-expected features, and it is therefore hard to see what lies in store for the phone in the short term.  Sure, their new SDK should bring with it some interesting Apps but, as I’ve written in previous posts, I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by the Apps currently on  offer, even after the initial ‘wow’ factor some induce.

Well done Apple, you’ve finally brought the iPhone into the 90s.  Now let’s see some real innovation.

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