A Brief Review of pHATmatik PRO

pHATmatik PRO - audio choppage at it's easiest
pHATmatik PRO - audio choppage at it's easiest

Having never been a fan of using multiple audio applications to get one result, I was delighted to find the answer to my sampling and chopping needs, in the form of pHATmatik Pro.

In all honesty, since I’ve moved over to a Mac, Logic Pro and almost 100% soft synths, I’ve been thoroughly put off sampling due to the aforementioned arse-about-face way of achieving anything.  Back in the days of Cubase, midi ports, a horrendous number of leads and my trusty Korg Triton I would happily sample audio into the latter, chop the samples up and assign them to keys.  Granted, even this process was a little long winded, but it beats having thirty-six programs open and transporting one 3gb WAV file between them all in various different stages of transformation.

Anyway, I digress.  If you’re still reading, you presumably want to hear a little more about pHATmatik (why they have emphasised ‘HAT’ I have no idea – there’s nothing titfer about it).  Put very simply, pHATmatik let’s you very quickly chop up an audio file into either 16 or 32 pieces and automatically assigns them to keys on your controller keyboard – all with one click of the mouse.  Simple, and massively effective.  I’m yet to delve into the more advanced features but these include independent parameters for each slice, tempo-synced delay, comb and resonant filters.

In all honesty, though, if your sampling simply amounts to creative play with slices of someone else’s work, pHATmatik has that uncanny ability to inspire.  On my first sitting with it I knocked out a somewhat simple remix of Stevie Wonder’s Bad Mamma Jamma. Not the most incredible thing you’ll hear this year, but when you consider it took me just a couple of hours and that included the time taken to sample and chop the track up, it’s clear how powerful this plugin is.  Download my track here (8mb, but I cant be bothered to re-bounce it, sorry).

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