We’re Still Twittering in the Workplace

twitter-addicts-1Time for another update.  And there’s not much to update, really.  A colleague of mine has, however, pointed me in the direction of useful couple of sites which others in Twitterland (these Twitisms are getting very annoying, aren’t they) might find useful.  www.tweetburner.com is a very useful URL-shortening service which includes the ability to track clickthroughs and publish new links to users of the site via a short message.  Very handy, and it had an instant affect on the number of visits to the URLs I tested it on.

Secondly, www.twitterfeed.com allows you to Tweet RSS feeds which would be hugely useful for blog/news sections of websites.  I’ll certainly be looking at getting RSS feeds set up for ours to make use of this site.

So that’s it really.  No sales made yet and I have the distinct impression the majority of signs ups from our customers were just that.  Like millions of people out there, they were recommended a Twitter account, dutifully signed up, posted something a long the lines of ‘I’m signing up to Twitter’, spent a moment wondering what on earth it was all about and then got on with their lives.  Need to keep them interested somehow…

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