Joanna is Calling

Firstly, I must point out that the photo to the left has no bearing on this post.  Well, very little; please disregard the fire and storm trooper pianist.  It was in fact the fourth result in a Google Images search for 'piano', therefore: amusing. After 15 years of tinkering in my home studio and the … Continue reading Joanna is Calling

Google Found Me!

Several Facebook addicts also seem to have found their way here via the search monolith, so, whilst they're unlikely to develop the same feelings of misplaced lust for my blog, it's nice to see that WordPress are obviously taking their SEO work seriously.

Goodbye Recession, Hello Kefalonia

As I sit writing this on our Palagos Bay balcony with the early evening sun casting a syrupy golden blanket across the surrounding mixture of terrain - lush green mountains, empty roads and a turquoise widescreen vista of sea meeting sky - it's satisfyingly difficult to remember the recession-torn country we left behind three days … Continue reading Goodbye Recession, Hello Kefalonia