Google Found Me!

Well, after much deliberating over whether or not it was worth bothering at all with this blog – knowing that primarily my mother and, well, there’s no two ways about this, myself are the only ones reading any of the posts – I today check my stats to find that I’ve received some traffic from Google.

Granted, one was from some no doubt folically-challenged chap wishing to relate to knuckle-dragging Wayne Rooney by bashing the eternally uninteresting search term ‘Rooney hair loss’ into Google.  Several Facebook addicts also seem to have found their way here via the search monolith, so, whilst they’re unlikely to develop the same feelings of misplaced lust for my blog, it’s nice to see that WordPress are obviously taking their SEO work seriously.  And you can’t scoff at that, when you consider I haven’t had to lay a penny down for this blog.

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