Joanna is Calling

burning_pianoFirstly, I must point out that the photo to the left has no bearing on this post.  Well, very little; please disregard the fire and storm trooper pianist.  It was in fact the fourth result in a Google Images search for ‘piano’, therefore: amusing.

After 15 years of tinkering in my home studio and the unavoidable knowledge that time is passing me by at an alarming rate, I have decided to learn the piano.  Properly this time, not keying in random four note chords into Logic and hoping quantisation will do the rest.

I very nearly didn’t bother, worried that the sudden realisation that, with a bit of time and effort, I could sit in front of those black and white keys and know what I was playing, might cause me to slip into a great depression.  Mentally torturing myself for not having started at an early age while my piano-playing dad finally admits he wished I’d done so.  In reality, however, I have never, until now, had the urge to learn, nor the passion.  And my dad certainly isn’t the pushy parent type.

So, I’ll try and keep any aspiring musicians reading this blog up to date on my progress.  I begin this journey (ouch) with some basic knowledge of the keyboard and a couple of little riffs I’ve picked up along the way.  My next step is to purchase an 88-note piano this coming weekend and book my first lessons.

One imediate recommendation I have is a chap called Andrew Furmanczyk who has some fantastic lessons on YouTube.  Check him out, I’ve been through the first six or so and he’s already got me playing some simple scales and has taught some very useful theory:

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