I’m going back to school

Well, day two of my ‘blog a day’ NaBloPoMo (that’s incredibly frustrating to type) contribution and what do I bore you with today?

Piano.  That’ll do.  It’ll give me chance to explain the title of this post, too, which isn’t a play on words.  I am indeed going back to school.  And no, I’m not referring to the ruler-flicking, head-down-toilet haven we all took for granted as kids – I’ve finally booked some piano lessons.

Having purchased a Korg SP250 a few weeks ago, I have finally summoned the energy to get my ass in front of a teacher and receive some tuition (I considered rephrasing that sentence but will leave it in its ambiguous, inuendo-strewn state).

It does feel like returning to school, though.  I’ve not really been ‘taught’ anything since I left formal education in 1998.  Admittedly, back then I was being forced to dissect awful pieces of literary dirt such as ‘Sumitra’s Story’, or being incorrectly placed in the top set for design and almost vomiting when presented with the task of designing an innovative CD rack in the final exam.  Therefore, this time around, it’s something I genuinely have an urge to learn and become proficient in so, in theory at least, it should be enjoyable.  In fact, I can’t wait.

For any aspiring musicians paying attention this, I will update occasionally on my progress.

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