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Samsung NC10 Netbook
Samsung NC10 Netbook

We’re always connected wherever we go these days.  Or at least, I am.  I have an iPhone which, despite it’s highly publicised faults, is pretty much a flawless (and incredibly addictive) mobile internet device.  I have a Blackberry for work which is quite simply the best device for email on the move.  I couldn’t be more contactable which is both useful and horrendous in equal measures.

There’s always been something missing though, and that was a genuinely portable laptop.  But surely, all laptops are portable, I hear you say.  Well, very few I’ve had have been.  My last laptop, for example, had a battery with as much oomph as Andy Murray’s personality and was bigger than a Ford Orion.  I still have it, actually, although it sits somewhat forlornly on my desk at work, relegated to a desktop PC role.

There’s one single reason for that – the Samsung NC10.  Quite simply, I have been blown away by this little netbook.  I had previously questioned the point of these mini laptops, seeing them purely as cheap internet devices.  But that’s the point really; when you think about it, pretty much everything we do these days on computers is web-based.

The NC10 has one single advantage over every laptop I’ve ever used, which is it’s battery life.  This thing goes on forever.  Honestly, I could sit here for a week typing (don’t worry, I won’t) and it wouldn’t break sweat.  Joking apart, you’ll get at least 5 hours out of it and that is with heavy WIFI use.  The manual quotes up to 8 hours which I’m sure is possible.

Those wondering about it’s technical prowess need not worry.  It shares similar specs with most Windows-based laptops but has the benefit of a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM.  The latter can be upgraded relatively easy, although this isn’t something I’ve got round to doing yet.  That said, it quite happily runs Office 2007 and even the ludicrously system intensive CRM application, ACT.

On the subject of business tasks, while the NC10 comes preinstalled with XP Home, this will still happily connect to your VPN at work for a true on-the-move office device.  I’ve used it for the last two weeks while out on the road and I can honestly say I’ve become 100% more productive, not having to wait ten minutes for my laptop to boot up and then instantly run out of battery.

Ok, so it misses a built in 3G modem, but it would be unfair to criticise what is very a minor oversight.  I wholeheartedly recommend the NC10 for anyone who wants a genuinely portable computer.  It’s size means it’s incredibly easy to take with you anywhere and it’s attractive casing might even win it a few admirers.  Aside from MacBooks, when was the last time you could say that about a Windows laptop?

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