Money for Words

So, today, I thought I’d have a crack at earning some money from writing.

As it turns out, there’s a shed load of sites that pay aspiring writers for their contributions to what is basically an SEO exercise. was my first port of call and after submitting a couple of example pieces of work (having painstakingly edited out the character defamation, sarcasm and swearing) I was almost instantly turned down.  I’d barely clicked submit when the ‘Sorry, but no’ email came through.

Not a great start, then.  Made all the more depressing by the fact that gave a typically vague response as to why I wasn’t approved.  According to the email I received it could have been anything from inappropriate material to, well, just being shit at writing, basically.  Of little comfort was their boastful last sentence which explained they only approve 20% of applicants.  That’s X Factor harsh.

So I dusted myself off and looked elsewhere.  That’s when I came across  Aside from having an unpronounceable name, it also has a website which didn’t work properly in Google Chrome, something that made me inexplicably angry.  I wasn’t going to be deterred, so carried on with the application process.

This was much more like it.  They didn’t even ask for example material.  Within minutes I was logged into my own control panel with a rather impressive WYSIWYG blog-like editor and a great big, green ‘Publish’ button.  Both alarmingly easy and instantly inspiring.

Both articles I’ve submitted are still awaiting approval so, providing they deem a piece about a software synthesiser or a review of Sky HD worthy of inclusion within their pages, I could be on my way to literary fortune.

Of course, what is far more likely, is that I’ll be on here again in three months time, lambasting Triond for only depositing 25 cents in my PayPal account, having sent them seventy-six articles of what I deem to be genuinely interesting material on the intricacies of quantisation in Logic Pro.

Let’s see what happens.

More importantly, this is my 6th NaBloPoMo entry this month.  I’m flying!

One thought on “Money for Words

  1. I’m a Triond user, a pretty new one, but still, and Triond really works! So if you are still looking into this, give Triond a chance!

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