Someone’s after me…

Of all the search terms successfully diverting traffic my blog’s way, one stands out.  An inordinate amount of people appear to be typing ‘TheBoyEllis’ into search engines.  In fact, it is the top search term referal on this blog, with 62 hits.

Sixty-two??  I am not even slightly famous or even remotely known outside of my friend and work circles.  Particularly as ‘TheBoyEllis’.

It’s got the the stage where I’m a little bit offended if I see it misspelt.  Two illiterate fools have typed in ‘thyeboyellis’.  The nerve.

So, here’s a plea.  If you’ve arrived here via that search term, I’d love to know why.  Very few people (apart from my mother) ever comment on this blog – which is highly understandable – but here’s your chance.

I’ve even taken the ultimate self appreciative step of tagging this post with ‘theboyellis’.  I won’t ever do this again.

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