Wine made me watch Big Brother

Well, it’s Friday night, I’ve had two or three glasses of wine, therefore it is entirely understandable that I am once again sitting here watching Big Brother.  As always, I did not instigate this, you understand.  My girlfriend turned the TV on.  I’m just a spectator.

I’m going to stop making excuses now, as the more I try to justify the situation i find myself in, the more obvious it is that I’m genuinely watching this tawdry piece of shit for my own entertainment.

Five new people are going in tonight – inexplicably, only one is leaving – but in all honesty, they’re either going to have to be royalty (literally, like, the Queen) or Boris Johnson if they’re going to save this clearly flagging show.

It is mind-numbingly dull this year.  I’m staring blankly at the screen now, waiting for something to comment on.

Nothing happens.

There are just people on my telly.  Not doing much.

Oh no, scrap that, someone just threw a plastic bottle at someone’s face.  Brilliant.  This might be worth watching.

Nope, it’s calmed down.  That’s a shame.

Still, that’s another NaBloPoMo done.

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