Bruno: Filthy But Brilliant


There’s no two ways about it, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno is the filthiest thing you’ll see all year.   If not for the foreseeable future.

18 certificate films are a rare thing these days, but from the opening scenes involving Bruno and his boyfriend experimenting with, amongst other things, a fire extinguisher and a unique modification of an exercise bike, it’s clear Sacha is determined to go even lower than his reputation guarantees.

It is, however, laugh out loud funny.  As you’d expect from the man behind such brilliant, toe curling creations as Borat and Ali G, Bruno is bum-clenchingly difficult to watch at times but equally hilarious.

The real highlight of this film is Cohen’s brilliant interviews with some of the most uptight anti-gay Americans you’re likely to see.  Masterfully luring them into a false sense of security, Bruno proceeds to extract ever more nonsensical and at times down right unbeilevable opinions from these clearly disturbed souls.  His interviews with two ‘gay converter’ pastors is inspired.

It’s difficult to see where he can go from here.  Aside from the taste bucket having been well and truly drained, the legitimacy of every scene in Bruno will naturally be questioned.  Part of the joy of this film is watching real people become entangled in and confused by the farcical world of Bruno, but how many were in on it?  Paula Abdul clearly wasn’t as she sat on a Mexican builder man posing as a chair whilst confessing her love of helping people.  But there are several scenes where Cohen is either admirably ballsy or simply accompanied by some very good actors.

I will not give anything else away, as so many film reviews do (a poorly disguised get out clause for this dreadful excuse for a review, right there) but will simply end this post by highly recommending Bruno.  Just leave your morals at home.

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