You missed a trick there, Beckham

An American cleverly hides his 58 inch waist
A somewhat disgruntled Galaxy fan

“One of the guys was saying things that wasn’t very nice. It was stepping over the line. I said, ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand,'” Multi-club ambassador David Beckham comments after his ‘clash’ with LA Galaxy fans during his first home match. This was after a five month secondment to AC Milan, during which he confessed to having fallen in love with the city: “Milan is the ideal place to be a footballer, it’s like being in Paradise,” he said, to the sound of a thousand Big Macs across the Atlantic being spat out.

Of course, all the clash really amounted to was Beckham pointing his finger at a fat American, getting fed up with the lack of response and making a pathetic attempt to jump over the advertising board.

But a hand shake? Is that all he wanted to give this guy? I’d have given him a lot more, if I was Beckham. It perhaps says more about the player (who appears to have adopted the word ‘soccer’ for our beautiful game while over there) than the moronic Galaxy fan he targeted that nothing more came of it.

I’m on Beckham’s side here, quite firmly, but few others seem to be. I’m not sure why. He’s offered his talent to the equivalent of UK Sunday League and has done his best to promote the American game. So, he nipped off to Milan for a few months to play some real football. Who cares? He came back, didn’t he?

I doubt there’s an English football fan in the land who didn’t see his move to the States for what it was; an exercise in creative marketing. However, that shouldn’t detract from the fact that Beckham, to his credit, always gives 100% when playing football and clearly loves the game. There are very few world class players who would be happy to drop to such a level and still keep the pace up.  Not that pace has ever been Beckham’s strong point, but you catch my drift.

Say us Brits were treated to a world famous internationally-capped Ice Hockey player from the states who was quite happy to lend his services to Kettering Ice Hockey Club. Would we moan, jeer and threaten god knows what if he decided to nip off for some real Hockey elsewhere? I don’t think we would.

How the Galaxy fans can’t see the benefit of Beckham still playing top flight football elsewhere is beyond me. Were they really expecting him to make a long term commitment to Mickey Mouse ‘He’s stuffed another one in the goal bag’ soccer? If they were, they should have started booing him from the moment he unveiled his squad number.

Don’t forget it was America that tried to impose ‘kick ins’ and ‘time outs’ at the ’94 world cup. For that very reason, I find it difficult to take any criticism they level at a good English footballer very seriously at all.

N.B. Take a look at this video from which pulls together news coverage from different media outlets on the subject of Beckham’s relationship with the Galaxy fans.  Interesting stuff:

2 thoughts on “You missed a trick there, Beckham

  1. Excellent response, Jimbo, and I take all your comments on board.

    It appears we have two rather differing views but quite obviously the same love for the sport.

    We are a little bit protective of the game over here and that can result in arrogance, which I’m sure my post clearly displays.

    Still, better to be passionate than not at all.

    As for Kettering, you’re quite right, I don’t place any value on that hell hole at all, so perhaps not a fair comparison…

  2. First, get over the whole soccer/football thing. The brits came up with the terms “soccer” & “ruggers”. Any real football, futbol, or soccer fan should know the history enough to know that. There is ZERO chance that the US as a whole will ever refer to association football as football. We called our modified version of rugby football “football”. It was done so long ago that no amout of effort will change it. Of course I am an American, so you will never take what I say seriously. Thats ok, you can keep your mind closed if you like it that way. You can spit out the same tired insult and others with closed minds will cheer you on.

    As for Beckham, I think he should be in or out. If I was an L.A. fan, I certainly would not want a player on the team who wants to come and go, and come and go. No hard feelings against anyone wanting to play in greener pastures, but I don’t think it is right to put your current team at a disadvantage to do so. To go with your hockey example, say you are a REAL fan of said team and “superhero hockey player” wants to play half a season elsewhere, then come back, then another half season elsewhere, then come back. That wouldn’t bother you? You would feel so great just to have his presence when he chooses to grace you with it? Sorry as a fan, or a fellow player, I would say that it is not worth it. Your example only works in your head because you place no real value on Kettering Ice Hockey Club. I know MLS is no EPL, but is MY league. I love it. I love my team. As much as I would love to have the best players on my team, I would not want them at the expense of the team as a whole. You can call it Mickey Mouse all you want, it doesn’t make it mean less to the fans. That is where you are missing the entire point. Imagine Beckham pulling the same act at Manchester United. He would be out on his ass, no?

    The point isn’t that LA and ManU are equal, but to the real fans of said teams the expectation of loyalty and performance is the same. Take your best team, then imagine your best player doing the same thing. Still fair play?

    MLS is also at fault. They don’t want to give up there cash cow. I think walking away would have been the best thing. Maybe open up a dialog after the World Cup, but not while he has a sincere desire to be elsewhere.

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