Big Brother Live Commentary

These NaBloPoMo posts are getting later and later which can only mean one thing - I'm letting it slip. More pressing  is why I'm continuing to post a blog a day.  It's not as if I'm going to win anything.  Not even a lousy M&S voucher, which everyone seems to be giving away these days. … Continue reading Big Brother Live Commentary

Money for Words was my first port of call and after submitting a couple of example pieces of work (having painstakingly edited out the character defamation, sarcasm and swearing) I was almost instantly turned down. I'd barely clicked submit when the 'Sorry, but no' email came through.

Another day, another service station

A collective meeting place for the travel weary, the suited and booted important types, and the bus load of pensioners enjoying a mid morning coffee on their way to some godforsaken stretch of British coastline; the great British en-route venue, the service station, leaves a lot to be desired. And here I sit in the … Continue reading Another day, another service station