Insurance too expensive? Don’t drive.

Today, I refer to this news item on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat page:

So, the facts.  One in five young drivers are uninsured, according to yet another ‘recent survey’.  243,000 uninsured young motorists are littering our roads, if the figures are to be believed.

Frightening.  Not quite as frightening as some of the opinions expressed by these young people, however.

I initially heard this news story on the radio piece, during which two lads were interviewed on the subject.  ‘I know I should be insured,’ said one, ‘But it’s just too expensive.’  He went on, ‘I’m not that bothered because I know I’m a good driver and not a risk.’

Oh, is that right?  So when you come crashing into the back of my car because you were too busy texting Whitney about the bottle of White Lightning she owes you I’m supposed to be perfectly fine with the fact that you are completely and totally uncovered and unable to pay for my mangled bumper?  I see your logic, you pleb.

Another kid had the opportunity to interview the head of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau on the reasons behind his £2,000 per anum premium (has he ever heard of shopping around?).  His interviewee explained that he fell into the category of 1 in 5 people who are a serious risk to other drivers.  ‘But that means you’re charging four people over the odds,’ said Shane (or whatever his name was).

I needn’t embellish on the chap’s response to this, but let’s just say he had to briefly explain the law of averages and the fact there is no way on god’s earth an insurance company could tell which of those five people was going to crash.  Suffice to say, I very nearly ripped my teeth out in frustration.

If insurance is too expensive, I’m sorry, but you can’t drive.  10 years ago, when I first started driving, I could afford the insurance.  And trust me, it wasn’t much cheaper.  Nor am I a millionaire.  I’m just a realist who lives within his means.  That’s the problem with the younger generation, they’re used to getting their own way and the buy-now-pay-later culture born by this Labour government has sown its seed into the mind of every young thing walking the UK’s streets.

They want everything now and will not accept the true value of money or the things it is intended for.  Insurance companies aren’t out to rip everyone off, they simply have business models which take into account massive risk.  Think how many young drivers are insured by these companies and how often they have to pay out every time Kevin stacks his over-modified Corsa into a tree.

As I alluded to earlier, I do wonder if these bright young things have ever heard of ‘shopping around’ because it is possible to find a decent deal (although steer clear of the awfully confusing  Mind you, that’s probably too much effort, I suppose.

God, I’m getting old.

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