An Inspired Use of Twitter?

We've marketed the fact we're on Twitter. It's on every e-shot we send out, for example, but it simply hasn't caught on. Several customers have signed up, only to leave their account untouched, no doubt somewhat bemused at the service's insistence on asking what they're up to.

Keyboard Warriors on the Rise

Bullying is a hideous part of life for many people. It's something that will never be eradicated, unfortunately, but for those stupid enough to pick the internet as their battleground of choice, their time and patience is surely going to be limited.

Driving would be ok if it wasn’t for everyone else

I've just about had it with driving on this nation's congested, poorly designed, potholed roads. And it's not just those aforementioned problems that irritate me on a daily basis. No, it's primarily the bumbling idiots that inhabit the UK's tarmac. I really enjoy driving but it is very rare that I actually get to enjoy … Continue reading Driving would be ok if it wasn’t for everyone else