Facebook Addiction Tops My Stats

A cool person using Facebook, would you believe.

Back in February this year, I wrote this blog. A very brief, light-hearted take on the social phenomenon that is Facebook. I quickly forgot I even wrote it, until a few month down the line when I checked the stats. And there it sat, at the top of the list of the most visited pages.

Its since been overtaken slightly by my take on learning piano via YouTube, but still remains the one post that is accessed on an almost daily basis.

So why is it so popular? I think some of the search terms entered into Google may shed some light:

are we addicted to facebook

why are we so addicted to facebook

we are addicted to facebook

I’m not entirely sure my blog will have quenched the thirsts of these clearly distressed Facebook users, but their search terms are fairly conclusive nonetheless.

As a nation, we are growing more addicted to Facebook by the day.

My comments in the aforementioned post centred around the eternally annoying practice of inane comment posting. It is, however, these very comments and the subjects being commented on (be it a status update or picture upload, for example) which are the root cause of Facebook addiction. We all want to know what everyone’s up to. We want to see where they’ve been. Perhaps, as Brits, we want to delight in those that are miserable, or be angered by those that have strict views on something.

I’m prepared to admit that I’m addicted to a certain degree. While I don’t partake in the posting of dreary comments such as ‘Lol, yeah that was well funny’ or inform people that I ‘have just had the most wonderful time at the park with Dave and the kids, mwah lolol’, I do check the site on too regular a basis. This is due largely to my iPhone which makes it so instantly accessible, wherever I am.

It can be a laugh at times. I love those that don’t take it seriously. There is some brilliant humour on Facebook and the way in which certain comment threads develop amongst my friends is a sight to behold (albeit one I occasionally wish my mum didn’t have access to).

This phenomena is made all the more interesting by the fact that, five years ago – maybe less – Facebook would have been the subject of ridicule and concealed to the domain of the eternally-friendless geeks. It really wasn’t that long ago that the practice of talking to people online was deemed utterly pathetic and reserved for those with square-rimmed glassed held together with scotch tape. Now everyone’s at it. Social media has quickly become the domain of the uber cool.

Going on my stats thus far, I’m expecting this blog to get a fair few hits. Therefore, if you’ve ended up here and have something to say on the subject, I’d love to hear it. Please comment below.

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