Brown – A Blunder Too Far?

It was with a certain degree of horror that I watched the poor mother of a soldier killed in action struggle to pick through the personal letter of condolence she’d received from our Prime Minister.

Not only did he start by getting the family name wrong (‘James’ as opposed to ‘Janes’), he then went on to make a complete hash of the lad’s name, stopping briefly to try and correct his mistake. He didn’t even resort to Tippex – it was simply a failed attempt at making an O look like an E. You know, the sort of thing you do on last night’s homework rushed over breakfast.

We’re told Brown struggles to write due to a loss of sight in one eye and that he would never knowingly insult any member of the public, let alone someone who has just lost their son to a highly controversial war.

This may well be the case, but come on. Seriously. I spend an inordinate amount of time ensuring letters and emails I write to customers are word perfect. I’m ashamed if I see a spelling mistake or grammatical error in anything I’ve sent. And I’m writing to people requesting information on our products and services. We sell computer software. Brown has chosen to personally hand write these letters to families of the deceased; the very least he could do is spend some time over them.

Putting the spelling mistakes to one side, why on earth didn’t he stop and start again when he began butchering the name of a dead soldier? And why wasn’t it proof read? You’d think a man in such a perilous position as Brown, a man who’s people treat him and his fellow MPs with the ridicule and contempt their barmy initiatives and activities afford, would at least have got someone to scan over it before popping it in the post. Aren’t poor headlines and political ridicule constantly at the back of his mind?

Obviously not.

I doubt I’m the only person to write about this today, but I felt compelled to do so. I never fail to be utterly amazed at how badly this government goes about its day to day business. What’s next? Can Brown really survive any more blunders of this magnitude?

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