2009. Finished.

Scarily, it’s just over a year since I started this Blog. Reading that first post now, I can happily confirm that I have indeed kept this website going, which is something of a milestone for someone who picks up so much but rarely finishes anything.

Secondly, the suggestion that 2009 would be a year of hard work down the gym simply hasn’t happened. We’ve now got a dog and he’s the most exercise I get. Walking, you understand.

So, what lingering memories do I have of this year? I’m a Sales Director, therefore I’ll get all bullet pointy:

  • My first real experience of recession (I was 11 when the last one hit). A bit like anything new, it was rather painful at first, mildly irritating halfway through but quite exciting towards the end. A lot learned.
  • The Government. Lousy, lazy, buck-passing and incredibly, astronomically, biblically greedy slobs.
  • Strictly Come Dancing. The longest and most boring program ever created. I think its still going on.
  • Proof that music isn’t dead (RATM/X Factor chart battle).
  • Twitter is pointless.
  • I can’t stop using Twitter.
  • Or Facebook.
  • I’ve rediscovered my love of making music.
  • Bad luck can come in pairs.
  • I must stop being blase about everything. Especially ‘idiots’ crashing their cars in the snow.

That’ll do. I hate ‘best of’ type lists, and that was dangerously close to becoming one.

Here’s to a productive, happy, positive 2010.

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