Production tip – don’t forget to include the mistakes

It’s crossed my mind recently that, whilst I’m not exactly Quincy Jones, I have spent a large amount of my free time making music. Along the way I’ve developed some good and (more commonly) some bad habits.

Anyone that makes music will be aware of the little idiosyncratic techniques picked up through trial and error and how much they come to be relied upon for every track produced.

I’ve got plenty. Most will be very specific to the way I work, some you may find useful. So, I’ll try and keep these tips semi regular.

I’ll start with mistakes. Without fail, every track I’ve written has at least one mistake in it somewhere (some may argue it lasts the duration of the song). Whether it be a reverb tail that never quite goes away, a midi note out of place or some screwed up automation, it’ll more likely make than break the production, in my opinion.

So, the first tip is a simple one. Leave those mistakes in. If, like me, you’re not a fan of razor-precision computer music and like a bit of feel and humanity, you can do a lot worse than leave those errors in.

And don’t worry, they’ll happen naturally, so it’s the one thing you won’t have to put any effort in to!

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