Sleep Cycle Alarm: Tiring

Sleep Cycle Alarm
Sleep Cycle Alarm: Faff overload

Those 59p iPhone Apps are nearly always tempting. Because they’re 59p. That’s nothing, after all. Loose change. The kind of stuff you loose down the back of the sofa.

So, it was with little trepidation I purchased Sleep Cycle Alarm. A little App which monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up at your most ‘awake’ within a thirty minute window you preset.

Reviews, while nearly always developer-led, were 99% positive, so what did I have to loose?

Sleep, as it turned out. Far from leaving me feeling refreshed and ready for the day, Sleep Cycle Alarm appears to be largely useless, faffy and tiring.

Firstly, it only monitors movement. It doesn’t plug into your brain, so despite the statistics graph suggesting it is aware of when you’re dreaming, it simply isn’t.

This presents several problems. Firstly, unless you’re single or you and your partner posses a 400ft-wide bed, it will register every single movement both you and your loved one make.

Secondly, it must be placed under your bed sheet but away from your pillow. Once again, unless you sleep in Shaq O’ Neal’s bed, this isn’t particularly practical. It also means you spend most of the night checking the phone is still in place or hasn’t been crushed by your constantly tossing and turning head.

Lastly, the statistics graphs are interesting. Once.

There’s no snooze function, either. I understand the whole point of this is to wake you up when you’re most with it, but we’re not designed to wake up instantly. Snooze buttons are essential.

So, to round up, don’t bother with Sleep Cycle Alarm. You’ll only end up more tired.

One thought on “Sleep Cycle Alarm: Tiring

  1. I’m completely with you. I tested it for a while and then realised that it’s just not what I need. So I went and bought myself an acutal alarm clock ( and I’m happier than ever. this is how sleep tracking really works.

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