Daft Punk made me go to the cinema

Daft Punk
Daft Punk. See? They're real people.

I’m heading to the cinema tomorrow to finally see Tron: Legacy. And pretty much for one reason only.

Daft Punk have written the score.

I’ve not seen the first Tron film. Therefore, I have little interest in the history, nostalgia, plot or re-imagined youthful Jeff Bridges. No, I’ve simply heard some of Daft Punk’s work on the film’s soundtrack (including the excellent Derezzed) and want to see its effect on the video game-inspired sequel.

I’ve had a think and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve been to see a film based solely on the soundtrack.What’s different this time? Why not wait until it appears on Sky? Well, the little I’ve heard of the legendary french duo’s cinematic knob twiddling represents some of their best work for the last ten years. After the slack Human After All, all I’ve had to satisfy my craving for the pioneers of filtered french house is their Alive live album (which is, in fairness, superb). But new material? There’s been zilch. Waiting for a Daft Punk album is exciting for me as it was for my dad eagerly awaiting the next Beatles release.

I shall report back tomorrow (still keeping this postaday2011 thing up) on the success of seeing a film based purely on the music that accompanies the pictures. I have a horrible feeling it might be a silly, silly idea, particularly after watching Kermode’s review.

I’m also heading to the cinema alone – another first – therefore I’ll report on just what a lonely experience it’s bound to be.

Still, better than joining the legions of depressed people heading back to work. That’ll have to wait until Thursday.

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