I’ve fallen off the wagon…

It was bound to happen. A post a day? Every day? Who am I kidding?

Ironically, I neglected to ‘post a day’ on the two days which should offer all the time in the world to do so – Saturday and Sunday.

I knew it would be a tall order, but at least managed to stick at it for ten solid posts (I actually started before the new year).

It wasn’t as though I was busy this weekend, either. No, I simply gorged myself on studio time, Call of Duty, dog walking and the devil’s own creation: crunchy chocolate clusters. Perhaps excluding the latter, these activities were calling far louder than blogging during the most precious of things: the weekend.

WordPress’ intentions are admirable; they want their users to express themselves as often as possible. They’ve built some fantastic tools which help make blogging a joy of unreserved ease and sophistication and they want people to use them. They thrive on content, whether it be words, pictures or passionate comment threads and the postaday and postaweek incentives no doubt struck a chord with many bloggers, like myself, who have simply let their website slip somewhat. I got excited. I wanted to take part. Imagine reaching 31/12/11 and being able to say I’d posted something every single day that year…

I love writing as it provides a convenient platform for me to air my views and opinions, without forcing them upon people and subsequently boring them to death. But this takes time. When you’ve got a full time job, a house, a fiancé, a dog, an addiction to Call of Duty and a love for making music, spare time is hard to come by – even at weekends.

Therefore I am admitting defeat and gracefully slipping down to the next tier: postaweek. Something that is far more achievable.

For any of you determined to do this daily, I wish you all the luck. I’m happy to report the visits to my pages have increased slightly and there is definitely a sense of pride in having a blog which is regularly active.

For any of you that haven’t started a blog yet, I encourage you to do so. You don’t have to be Shakespeare (you only have to read a few of my posts to realise that), but it can be a far better way of venting your frustrations and joy than boring your friends silly with cryptic Facbook status updates.

If anyone from WordPress is reading this, thanks for trying, but I’m afraid this blogger ain’t up to it. Yet.

One thought on “I’ve fallen off the wagon…

  1. I signed up for the post a week. I have been doing the post a day but I don’t know how long I can keep that up. I know that if I follow someone and they never do a post, I get bored with waiting for them to post something. I like to look at my Google reader and see updates. Today I was thinking “It is hard to post a day, how long can I do this.”
    But I sat down and just wrote something. I am sure my ideals will dry up, I will turn on the computer and there will be dust balls blowing around inside my head with nothing to type. I will try the weekly post after that happens. Congrats on being featured.

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