A sound opportunity… lost.

Alesis PalmtrackCold, quiet air whipped past my ears in fits and starts, adding to the already eery atmosphere surround Northampton’s Racecourse park. Unsafe in the knowledge that some poor guy had been stabbed in the very same location last night, I continued apace, towards the adjacent road.

I’m over indulging a bit here. It was a rather pleasant dog walk and, having used the Racecourse on a daily basis for the last eighteen months, I’m certainly not going to be deterred by one sickening act of violence (the guy survived, you’ll be glad to hear).

As I trundled back towards the park entrance, the wind dropped to a whisper and it was then I realised I’d forgotten something essential.

My Alesis Palmtrack.

For the evening air was now soundtracked gently by piano, leaking through the half-opened window of the college that sat opposite the park.

The player was hammering through a rather stilted classical piece. I liked it. It was played strictly in chords, no frills and to a non-existent 4/4 beat.

That sound, teamed with the wide atmosphere created by the sprawling Racecourse would have been a fantastic recording and something that would have sat very nicely at the start of a track. Alas, my Alesis was sat at home, in the studio.

I bought it for this very reason; to capture sound while away from the comfort of a warm studio and condenser mic. So far, I’ve recorded myself making silly noises with my mouth (most of which I’ve successfully found uses for as hi hats and percussion), a door closing, my car starting and the dog barking. I think I also farted into it once (you’ve got to, haven’t you?) but it’s not really received the use for which it was intended.

Lesson learned. It shall now travel with me.

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