Any excuse would have done, Sky

Eventually, it took a bit of male chauvinist banter. An off-guard comment. Pub talk between two members of a generation which isn’t quite as forgotten as people clearly believe it is.

Whatever. Andy Gray will no longer be presenting football on Sky Sports and that can only be a good thing.

Yes, it was a daft thing to say. Unfair, too, in what is a society desperately trying to make equality a thing of reality. Although, as a friend on Facebook rightly pointed out, such a society is a bit of a con when you’ve got male-bashing/ridiculing garbage such as Loose Women and Take Me Out on the box.

So, I won’t be praising the sensationalist headlines we’ll see tomorrow, nor will I comment any further on the reason Sky Sports’ face of football will forever be absent from future Super Sundays. No, I’ll simply be glad to see the back of him.

Regularly occupying more audio space than the commentator, he sensationalised every minor display of skill and invented new words for free kicks sent successfully goalwards. It was needless and dull beyond belief. I would often pray for just a few seconds of silence. Enough to hear the THUCK of boot meeting turf and ball. Maybe a crowd chant or two. But no, this guy could silence the Kop.

And, if we hadn’t already had enough of him during the game, he continued to bore and patronised us all to death with his increasingly complex touch screens and match analysis technofoolery (who’ll get to use that now? Is there even an instruction manual?).

His style had changed little since the early 90s but his massive air of self importance had grown every season. He WAS Sky Sports. I’m sure he thought he WAS football, too.

In reality, he was dead wood. The type of old furniture you find intrinsically woven into the upper echelons of any organisation.

Bye, Andy. Don’t bother taking a bow.

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