Blogging Buddy

A day or so ago, WordPress put this post up. Having already failed on the postaday challenge, I was instantly drawn to the idea of a 'blogging buddy'. It's my mission this year to keep this site fresh and sharing the experience may well help a great deal. The idea is that you team up … Continue reading Blogging Buddy


I’ve fallen off the wagon…

It was bound to happen. A post a day? Every day? Who am I kidding? Ironically, I neglected to ‘post a day’ on the two days which should offer all the time in the world to do so – Saturday and Sunday. I knew it would be a tall order, but at least managed to … Continue reading I’ve fallen off the wagon…

…and all that was left was a bench.

I didn't know Kev. He could have been a great bloke, the sort you'd lend your car to. He might even have invented something important. Like the bath plug, perhaps. On the other hand, he might have been a right so and so. Perhaps even a murderer, or, worse still, an estate agent. That's unlikely, … Continue reading …and all that was left was a bench.