The road to live performance starts here

On Wednesday night, for the first time ever, I played keys alongside my dad. Granted, it was in the living room and we were simply doing a dry run of Crocodile Rock; me playing the Farfisa organ part which supplies that iconic intro, him playing the piano… but it was something I didn’t realise quite how much I was missing until it took place.

It’s all in preparation for a gig with his band later this year (a week before my wedding, in fact). I’ve never played live anywhere before, and I’m tasked with learning eight songs. Eight. Scary? Slightly, but also a brilliant challenge I’ve always wanted to tackle.

I’ll track my progress on here where I can, as those learning the piano or with a keen interest in getting out of the studio and playing in front of people may find it interesting.

4 thoughts on “The road to live performance starts here

  1. Ah, the stage. You’ll love the rush of performing in front of people. It’s always super nerve wracking before performing, so it’s normal. Just keep practicing religiously and you’ll be fine.

  2. Cheers, Chris. Excited and nervous in equal measures.

    I’ll be taking a listen of your RPM album as soon as I can. Life is somewhat manic at the moment.

  3. Good deal. Congrats! Playing in front of real people is certainly a different thing than recording stuff at home on headphones. Looking forward to reading how it turns out.

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