My brain is amazing

Right. It’s only March and this postaweek thing is getting decidedly difficult. Must. Carry. On. Even though I’m not entirely sure why. It’s not as though someone’s going to hand me a fat cheque on December 31st for doing so. Is it, WordPress? Is it?

I thought I’d post a very quick muse on my brain. I’ve never paid a huge amount of attention to it and I think the feeling’s probably mutual. It’s rarely there when I need it and flat-out refuses to remember anything more than 24 hours old.

However, a few weeks ago I mentioned on this very blog that I have started learning a number of songs on the piano for a performance with my dad’s band in September.

When you first start learning a song it’s inevitably hard work. You stumble over chords, forget which key you’re in and at times feel like flinging the increasingly meaningless collection of ebony and ivory keys out of the window.

Then, you stand up and walk away from the piano. For an hour. A day, even. During that period, something magical happens, because by the time you sit down again, the music flows out of your fingers like you’ve been playing it for years. It’s that much of a step up from your previous ham-fisted attempts that you would be forgiven for being a little shocked by it. I am, constantly.

I’ve concluded that during that period of rest, my brain is playing catch up. Silently, like a task running in the background on your PC, it computes the myriad of information you fed it earlier, and, without any cursing, shouting or head bashing to distract it, practices. Without a piano. How cool is that?

There’s probably a more scientific explanation for this process and if you know it, please let me know. I just think it’s fucking amazing, my brain.

4 thoughts on “My brain is amazing

  1. Amazing brain and amazing blog – gets better each time. Enjoyed your prose style immensely…….:-)

  2. Well, music cannot be possible without the memory. After playing the song, your fingers have muscle memory and remember the song. Also, when you sleep, you could be going over the song again. The times I’m most creative, is when I wake up in the morning, I’ll have full songs I’ve created right there from sleep to awakening.

    That is because your brain is kind of tapped into the universe at that point. It’s hard to explain without throwing a couple of books at your feet, but there’s certain parts of your brain that functions differently, and right when you wake up, is when your brain is tapped into another function.

    Your brain is probably putting the pieces together while you sleep. Because if you think of the song often enough, your brain will start working on it in your unconscious part of your brain. And when you think about it, when you start playing a song regularly, you don’t even have to think about it right? Because the muscle memory and the unconscious part of your brain has it down. You’re just reacting.

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