Where’s my organ?

I lost my organ last night. It had been there a few days before but, last night, it inexplicably turned into a sitar. This wasn't convenient. Partly because a sitar doesn't sound anything like a Hammond organ but mainly because it chose to morph into the twangy ethnic instrument during the two bar count-in to … Continue reading Where’s my organ?

Social spaghetti

Someone kindly sent me an invitation to join Google+ yesterday. And join I did. I joined the bejesus out of it. Although I couldn't tell you why. ...Because I have no idea. I certainly didn't need to. A quick check of the 'Social' folder on my iPhone tells me I now have no less than … Continue reading Social spaghetti

Child’s play

The sole aim of a sport we hoped would one day make Olympics, was to hit a tennis ball as high into the air as possible. Simple. I think there may have been some rudimentary scoring involved, and, had this taken part on a tennis court, it could quite easily have been dismissed as nothing but harmless, boyish fun.