You’ll find better reviews of 2011

And so the curtains are gradually drawn on the year that was 2011… The economy is still as limp as a wet sock, we all had a good laugh/gasp at the unearthing and demise of criminal journalism, a couple of tyrants finally passed, the Royal Wedding provided a perfect excuse to drink alcohol before 10am, all Apple products suddenly made sense with the introduction of iOS5 and iCloud, someone shot Bin Laden in the face and the Eurozone… well, no one knows what’s going on with that, including the people involved, but it was (and still is) all very terrible indeed.

I spent most of the year either getting married or tidying up my iTunes library. I highly recommend both of these seismically different activities.

Next year, we have another long weekend to look forward to thanks to the Queen and a big school sports day in London which everyone is desperately trying to get excited about. The world is supposed to end at some point, too. 21st December, if you want to put it in your diary.

Me? I’m going to keep it simple and just enjoy being alive. For we are but once on this Earth.

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