This month, I’ll be growing facial hair for charity.

If you’re familiar with Movember, you’ll know what a unique, awesome campaign it is. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, I should perhaps explain.

Movember is designed to raise awareness of men’s health and, in particular, prostate and testicular cancer. It’s no secret that us guys are pretty useless when it comes to anything health-related, whether it be bouts of incurable, life-threatening man flu most women would shrug off with a blow of the nose, or checking ourselves for lumps and bumps. We’d rather – and let’s be frank about this – not scrutinise our genitalia quite so closely, unless told to. Going to the pub is a far more attractive proposition, as is a time machine and an invitation to appear on Jim’ll Fix It.

So, in order to raise awareness of something, you need to draw attention to yourself. And what better way to do so than to head back to the 70s and grow a stonking-great moustache?

The choices of style are endless and the rules are simple. As long as you don’t grow a full beard or goatee, it’s legal and you can ask people for money in return for looking daft. Unfortunately, regardless of the mo you decide to cultivate, you invariably end up looking like a 70s porn star.

So, if you want to support this fantastic cause, head over to my Movember page and give whatever you can: Any donation, no matter how small, will be hugely appreciated and, in return, I will continue to look like an absolute idiot for the remainder of November.

I’ve attached a photo of my progress so far. First thoughts? Top lip hair growth is monumentally slower than the rest. Which just seems unfair.

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