My journey as an independent worker. Join me.

2015. Yikes.

That’s the last time I bothered to publish anything on And it was a really cack post, too.

So… here’s the idea. To rekindle my love for this long-lost site, I’m going to start writing about my journey as an independent worker, because:

A) It’ll help me get things off my chest.

B) It might inspire others to do the same.

C) I genuinely think I’ve discovered the secret to getting shit done (a lot of shit).

D) My mum subscribes to this blog, and I reckon she’ll enjoy it.

Despite the democratisation of online publishing, creating any form of web content on a regular basis isn’t particularly easy – be it blogs, videos or podcasts. Which is odd, because I spend most of my time doing that for a living.

Undertaking this stuff as a hobby, however, is entirely different.

You need to stay motivated. And I did on this very site, for quite a while.

Alas, that motivation dwindled as forging my own path in the world of work to earn a buck took over.

And that’s what has drawn me back to these digital pages. Somehow, I’ve managed to build my own little micro business and (touch wood) it’s working pretty well. I’m not an expert and I make at least one ridiculous mistake every day, but having jumped ship from the relative safety and comfort of a full time job, company car and guaranteed holiday allowance, I’ve been amazed by the path I’ve somehow stumbled down.

It’s relied on two things:

1) Hard work. Bloody hard work.

2) The desire to proactively talk to people rather than locking oneself away in an office and hope business will arrive on one’s doorstep.

I’ve never worked this hard in my life, worried so much about work nor enjoyed it quite so vociferously. I’d therefore love to share this journey with anyone who is still subscribed to and has the odd ten minutes available here and there to read my ramblings.

It’ll be a mixture of blogs like this, and photos. But I’ll keep it up – I promise.

Thanks for hanging around.

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