Sunday punch

Spent some time on Sunday pretending I was a professional sports photographer. I don't think it worked. It did take me back, though. The smell of Deep Heat, cries of 'yellow head!', vein-busting¬†grimacing and football at times so bad it was genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. Not a single player intent on giving anything less than their … Continue reading Sunday punch

The waiting game

You rise early. And you wait. Camera perched precariously on top of its bag, resting against the hotel window ledge, you wait. You figure it's worth the effort; the sea isn't usually this close. The sun, due at 8.02am (according to the ever-unreliable iOS Weather app), makes but the briefest of appearances before scurrying back … Continue reading The waiting game

The in-between time

We're in that odd, ethereal, in-between time. Christmas is over. The last scraps of turkey gratefully departed, trees and decorations in danger of making their way back into forced hibernation. Friends, family and gatherings temporarily on hold until New Years Eve. Work, for many of us, remains paused and seemingly further away and less important … Continue reading The in-between time