My Desert Island Discs

I've never been very good at listening to music. I'm not a John Peel. I rarely sit in a room on my own, headphones on, listening to albums. I absolutely adore music, though, and it has been as big a part of my life as the need to wear pants. And I do wear pants, … Continue reading My Desert Island Discs

Never drop the bottle

There's nothing like feeling out of your depth, particularly when you desperately¬†want to feel entirely comfortable. I immediately knew I was swimming against tides far bigger than my assumed Wiggins status when I looked to my right in the bicycle shop. Leaning gently against the wall was a piece of metal. This particular piece of … Continue reading Never drop the bottle

I’ll have a coke, please

In search of cocktails, we headed for what was apparently quite a trendy night spot in Northampton. I can't quite remember the name, but I don't think my tie is fat enough nor my job title ambiguous enough to be qualified to even say it.¬†Plus, I don't call my wife 'babe', drink MochaChoccaLatteFuckingTastelessMilkyFroth, nor do … Continue reading I’ll have a coke, please

Postaweek and no alcohol: a recipe for coherent blogging

Another new year heralds another attempt at the WordPress 'postaweek' yearly blogging marathon. Attempted (and almost achieved) in 2011, it is only fair I give it another bash in 2013. And this isn't new year, new me-type stuff talking, oh no. It's going to happen. Some will be text-based, others will be of the photo … Continue reading Postaweek and no alcohol: a recipe for coherent blogging