Postaweek and no alcohol: a recipe for coherent blogging

Another new year heralds another attempt at the WordPress 'postaweek' yearly blogging marathon. Attempted (and almost achieved) in 2011, it is only fair I give it another bash in 2013. And this isn't new year, new me-type stuff talking, oh no. It's going to happen. Some will be text-based, others will be of the photo … Continue reading Postaweek and no alcohol: a recipe for coherent blogging


This month, I'll be growing facial hair for charity. If you're familiar with Movember, you'll know what a unique, awesome campaign it is. If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, I should perhaps explain. Movember is designed to raise awareness of men's health and, in particular, prostate and testicular cancer. It's no secret … Continue reading Movember

Athletes vs footballers: no contest

School sports day at Millway Middle School was always a welcome distraction from the rigors of secondary school education (you know, having religious texts forced down your throat and attempting to set fire to your mate's hair with a Bunsen burner). It was also fun. Until I nearly killed a fellow pupil. It wasn't my fault, I hasten to … Continue reading Athletes vs footballers: no contest

Yes, another photo of a field, I confess, but after an evening of said field, pub, fizz and fire in the garden, I think I'm entitled to share more of the wonders of simply being alive.