Flash or no flash, it’s not the problem

So, as speed cameras are turned back on in Oxford, they're turned off in Northamptonshire. I'm concerned, but not for the reasons you might think. Speed cameras are both a nuisance and a welcome sight. I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd be happy to see one outside the gates of their school. … Continue reading Flash or no flash, it’s not the problem

Now Showing: Sky News Earthquake Coverage

There is something deeply unsettling about Sky News and their insistence on making blockbusters out of real-life disasters. They seem eager – desperate, almost – for something horrific to happen just so they can create a new logo and theme tune to market it.

Fancy a Game of 5-a-Side, Wayne?

More than most of us would earn in a year… Some, in a lifetime… Obscene... Unfathomable... Other worldly... Ridiculous… The figures bandied about last week justified the resulting headlines, aggravated coffee-table discussions and lengthened trips to the water cooler. Depending on which newspaper pops through your letterbox, Rooney’s estimated earning potential if he moved to … Continue reading Fancy a Game of 5-a-Side, Wayne?