Random access excitement

It hadn't occurred to me that other people don't care. I'd not given a single thought to the fact that, outside the circular wall of my robot-addled brain, additional human beings inhabiting this planet may not give two (or even three) hoots about an impending album release. If you've spent any longer than one minute … Continue reading Random access excitement

Default Rock Star

For about twenty years, I have been playing with myself in the spare bedroom. That's the inevitable, masturbatory-reference-strewn intro over, and one few bedroom producers can escape from. But that's what I have always been, and will continue to be probably for the rest of my life - a knob-twiddling, noise-making producer of music made, … Continue reading Default Rock Star

The road to live performance starts here

On Wednesday night, for the first time ever, I played keys alongside my dad. Granted, it was in the living room and we were simply doing a dry run of Crocodile Rock; me playing the Farfisa organ part which supplies that iconic intro, him playing the piano... but it was something I didn't realise quite … Continue reading The road to live performance starts here

Production tip – drumsticks and the perils of patch browsing

Two tips in one post today. Why? Because they're short and sharp and I need something to fill the looming postaweek deadline! Drumsticks I'm not a drummer, however, a couple of weeks ago I took delivery of a £2.99 pair of drumsticks from eBay. Having recently invested in an Alesis Palmtrack, I've developed the 'found … Continue reading Production tip – drumsticks and the perils of patch browsing