Postaweek and no alcohol: a recipe for coherent blogging

Another new year heralds another attempt at the WordPress 'postaweek' yearly blogging marathon. Attempted (and almost achieved) in 2011, it is only fair I give it another bash in 2013. And this isn't new year, new me-type stuff talking, oh no. It's going to happen. Some will be text-based, others will be of the photo … Continue reading Postaweek and no alcohol: a recipe for coherent blogging


This month, I'll be growing facial hair for charity. If you're familiar with Movember, you'll know what a unique, awesome campaign it is. If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, I should perhaps explain. Movember is designed to raise awareness of men's health and, in particular, prostate and testicular cancer. It's no secret … Continue reading Movember

How about mini prices, Apple?

We all know that ‘nits’ are little creatures which have a habit of nesting in human hair. No one, however, know what nits are when it comes to computer displays. That didn’t matter yesterday, though, when Apple announced that its latest line of laptop and desktop computer displays featured ‘300 nits’. We are all supposed … Continue reading How about mini prices, Apple?

Get naked? I’d buy an elephant.

Unfortunately, because this country is so screwed up about anything involving nakedness or sex, it is with little surprise that we find ourselves amidst an almighty uproar concerning Prince Harry partaking in a questionable game of pool whilst stark-bollock naked. This is poor form for a royal, say those who, ironically, have pictures of Harry's … Continue reading Get naked? I’d buy an elephant.

Athletes vs footballers: no contest

School sports day at Millway Middle School was always a welcome distraction from the rigors of secondary school education (you know, having religious texts forced down your throat and attempting to set fire to your mate's hair with a Bunsen burner). It was also fun. Until I nearly killed a fellow pupil. It wasn't my fault, I hasten to … Continue reading Athletes vs footballers: no contest