Need a Mac? Take to the Air.

I used to build computers. This was quite a while ago, admittedly, but I got into it to such a degree that I had orders from family members and friends flooding in. They all wanted a computer, and they wanted me to build it. For them, I kept it simple, which meant, generally, they worked. … Continue reading Need a Mac? Take to the Air.

You’re skating on thin ice, Apple

Not so long ago, I purchased Apple's third generation iPad. Although, it wasn't called that. It was just called 'The New iPad'. The public, being the public (i.e. stupid) referred to it as the iPad 3. Technically, this was wrong and, had Mr Jobs been alive, he'd no doubt have grabbed a mic, booked Wembley … Continue reading You’re skating on thin ice, Apple

How about mini prices, Apple?

We all know that ‘nits’ are little creatures which have a habit of nesting in human hair. No one, however, know what nits are when it comes to computer displays. That didn’t matter yesterday, though, when Apple announced that its latest line of laptop and desktop computer displays featured ‘300 nits’. We are all supposed … Continue reading How about mini prices, Apple?

Apple on the fiddle

Apple love big numbers. At their 2012 developers conference yesterday, they pulled out the biggest ever - 1 trillion. "I think that's the first time we've had that number up there," exclaimed Scott Forstall, grinning and pointing at the gigantic letters looming over him. And I'm sure the crowd would have gasped, if the number … Continue reading Apple on the fiddle

Gay me up, Scotty

In all fairness, Siri is clearly labeled as 'beta', which essentially means it isn't ready for public consumption. This is unusual of Apple but shows how excited they are by the new feature which is, joking apart, pretty impressive. That said, it does seem that it's early appearance is perhaps more intended to impress with it's potential and, more often than not, amuse with it's rather poor grasp of it's master's dialect.

It’s ok to be complacent when technology is involved… isn’t it?

BOOM! Apple are monitoring your movements. They’re tracking your every move and they possess a detailed history of every place you’ve ever visited with your iPhone. Headlines similar to the scare-mongering guff above rang out from media outlets across the globe and, while most of the focus was on the sudden ability for spouses to discover where their … Continue reading It’s ok to be complacent when technology is involved… isn’t it?