Wine made me watch Big Brother

Well, it's Friday night, I've had two or three glasses of wine, therefore it is entirely understandable that I am once again sitting here watching Big Brother.  As always, I did not instigate this, you understand.  My girlfriend turned the TV on.  I'm just a spectator. I'm going to stop making excuses now, as the … Continue reading Wine made me watch Big Brother

Big Brother Live Commentary

These NaBloPoMo posts are getting later and later which can only mean one thing - I'm letting it slip. More pressing  is why I'm continuing to post a blog a day.  It's not as if I'm going to win anything.  Not even a lousy M&S voucher, which everyone seems to be giving away these days. … Continue reading Big Brother Live Commentary

3ft tall and back ache – it’s the same deal, really

After a regrettable absence in 2008, Celebrity Big Brother is gracing our screens again and it couldn't have had a more promising opening. Certainly, the spectacle of 3ft tall movie star and 'stunt man' Verne Troyer teaching ageing rapper Coolio cockney rhyming slang will already take some beating as TV highlight of 2009. I've never … Continue reading 3ft tall and back ache – it’s the same deal, really