I’ll have a coke, please

In search of cocktails, we headed for what was apparently quite a trendy night spot in Northampton. I can't quite remember the name, but I don't think my tie is fat enough nor my job title ambiguous enough to be qualified to even say it. Plus, I don't call my wife 'babe', drink MochaChoccaLatteFuckingTastelessMilkyFroth, nor do … Continue reading I’ll have a coke, please

Social spaghetti

Someone kindly sent me an invitation to join Google+ yesterday. And join I did. I joined the bejesus out of it. Although I couldn't tell you why. ...Because I have no idea. I certainly didn't need to. A quick check of the 'Social' folder on my iPhone tells me I now have no less than … Continue reading Social spaghetti

We’re Living in a Database

Apple's iLife '09 – brilliant, but does it offer too much? Apple's senior VP delivered an impressive keynote address earlier this week at the company's annual Macworld event in San Francisco. Aside from the headline-grabbing DRM-free iTunes tracks that are on the way, I was particularly impressed with their work on iLife '09. I love … Continue reading We’re Living in a Database