Sunday punch

Spent some time on Sunday pretending I was a professional sports photographer. I don't think it worked. It did take me back, though. The smell of Deep Heat, cries of 'yellow head!', vein-busting¬†grimacing and football at times so bad it was genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. Not a single player intent on giving anything less than their … Continue reading Sunday punch

Ghost scene of my youth

Five-a-side, one in goal, two vs two, world cup singles, headers and volleys - it all happened here.

Time to Lower Expectations and Ditch the Divine Right

As Ashley Cole stepped off the team coach on Sunday having earlier participated in England's worst ever World Cup defeat, he laughed and joked casually with other members of the squad. This confirmed two things: 1. He really is thick as two short planks. And 2. Our beloved England team have reached the end of … Continue reading Time to Lower Expectations and Ditch the Divine Right