Little car, big problems.

Having broken down earlier that evening, I was feeling a little sorry for myself, therefore the two giant red signs informing me that only buses were allowed beyond the point ahead seemed a little harsh. Give me a break, I thought. I've had a tough night - just this once is the least I can … Continue reading Little car, big problems.

An upcoming area, fallen

Both women were fat. Both bent awkwardly over their pushchairs, snotty-nosed babies looking as miserable as the house from which they had vacated. Our crossing of paths was brief; I, walking the dog during a short lunchtime break from the confines of the office, they, walking, presumably, to fetch their giro. Yet in that briefest … Continue reading An upcoming area, fallen

It’s Snowing! Quick, Panic!

Snowfall in London. Time to cancel everything, then. Including the Tube (?).  I sincerely hope that none of our friends on the continent have been watching Sky News this morning. If they have caught glimpses of the headlines I'd imagine they're probably still rolling around on the floor, tears streaming down their face in fits … Continue reading It’s Snowing! Quick, Panic!